Saturday, March 1, 2014

10 steps to a Friday to remember.

Step 1: Wake up sick with bad stuff coming out of every orifice on your body.

Step 2: You are a responsible adult. Struggle to get yourself together so you can attend important conference.

Step 3: Admit you are way too sick to attend the conference and feel guilty for letting people down.

Step 4: Get phone call from nursing home saying that mom has taken a pretty bad fall.

Step 5: Try to imagine a world in which someone else could deal with family emergencies when you are sick.

Step 6: Admit you don't live in that world.

Step 7: Drag sick butt out of bed and drive 45 minutes to take mother to doctor. Make frequent pit stops at fast food bathrooms to deal with the problems resulting from STEP 1.

Step 8: Feel grateful that your mom has not broken any bones but only sprained her knee.

Step 9: Wonder how you are going to rearrange your schedule to take said mom to physical therapy 2xs a week. But then, STEP 1 rears it's ugly head and all scheduling problems disappear from mind.

Step 10: Wrench your back lifting your mom out of wheelchair.

Spend rest of day lying on the floor of the bathroom, popping Tylenol and Pepto Bismo dealing with STEPS 1 and 10.

1 comment:

  1. Oh you poor dear. I hope both you and Mum are on the mend after a hopefully restful weekend. Take care.